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Farm Work

Farm Work



Due to the State Government closing Queensland borders and the strict movement regulations now in force, the Queensland Health Department rules state that all young people wishing to work in our area will need WRITTEN PROOF of your location for the PAST 14 (FOURTEEN) DAYS to be offered accommodation and work in our area.  MOST FARMS IN OUR AREA ALSO REQURE YOU TO BE FULLY VACCINATED!!  Please call us if you have any questions - (07) 4683 4358.

Stanthorpe is in the middle of a huge fruit and vegetable growing area. To the north are the apple orchards and to the south you will find the vineyards and large farms growing mainly tomatoes and capsicums. The area has an amazing variety of fruit and vegetables and grapes that need to be picked. This “picking” season takes place from October/November through to May each year with the peak between December and April. We work closely with the Best Harvest Labour Office in Stanthorpe and we also have a close relationship with many producers, however there are no guarantees of always finding work quickly. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT LEAVE COMPLETING YOUR VISA DAYS UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!


General Information

Harvest work in general is physically demanding. You could be required to carry and climb a ladder, carry a heavy picking bag from your shoulders or bend over all day cutting vegetables or picking strawberries. You should be fit, flexible, reasonably strong and active. You may have to work in the rain or in 35 degree heat. Be realistic about your ability and understand that the farmer needs workers who are cost effective for his business. You should have sufficient funds for at least 3 weeks as circumstances can change quickly and are affected by the weather. We require your deposit and a week’s rent be paid in advance for ALL accommodation.

Getting Here

Crisps Coaches run a number of daily coach services direct from Brisbane. There is no public transport in the area so having your own transport is helpful. Give us a call or email us if you need to be picked up from the bus stop* – please arrange this before arriving.

What You Need
  • Australian Working Visa
  • Tax File Number (or have applied for one)
  • Australian Bank Account
  • Superannuation Fund - (the farm can also assist you with this)
  • Fully Enclosed Shoes
  • Wide Brim Hat
  • Long Sleeved Shirt with Collar
  • Sunscreen
  • Gloves (if required)
  • Good Sense of Humour

We have a Queensland Transport Operator Accreditation to take workers to and from farms in our shuttle buses each day.  We also schedule regular transport to town for food shopping.

* A small charge applies for each trip.

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