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Backpackers in Stanthorpe

Backpackers in Stanthorpe

Our peak backpacker season is November – May each year as thousands of workers come to town for the Harvest Season and all the Farm Work that Stanthorpe provides. If you plan on staying with us during this time we recommend pre-booking as it’s not uncommon for our popular park to be at capacity.

We have a close working relationship with many farmers around the local area as well as with the local employment office (BEST HARVEST LABOUR in Stanthorpe). If you wish to check the availability of work in the area you can contact us here at the park or contact Best Harvest Labour directly on (07) 4681 6200 or email them on stanthorpeharvest@best.com.au.

It is highly recommended that you have a car so that you can get to the farms for work as farms can have varying locations for their workers.  If you don’t have a car we will do our best to provide transport in one of our buses each day (small cost per trip).  We do require a minimum number of passengers to make the trip viable for us.

As Country Style Caravan Park is a place where backpackers come to work and save money for other adventures, you’ll find our park to be a nice, quiet, friendly place to stay.

On Christmas Day each year we organise a large lunch and celebrate with our guests!

If you are interested in getting a harvest job through us we recommend reading our information page about Farm Work in Stanthorpe.

*All prices are per person per week.

 A SECURITY DEPOSIT will be charged on ALL ACCOMMODATION plus a non-refundable refurbishment charge of $40 will be charged for ALL Dormitory & Cabin accommodation

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